Unbroken Bonds League Cup


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Our first League Cup and first chance to earn major points for the 2020 Championship year! Join us Saturday, July 20th at 10:30am! Entry is $20.

-Registration Starts at 10:30AM and ends at 11:00AM. Please be on time.Late registration is subject to a Round 1 loss. PRE-REGISTRATION ON THE FOURCORNERS WEBSITE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, WE ONLY HAVE ROOM FOR 34 TRAINERS!

-Please be on time, your completed deck list is your registration form. Be in line with your deck list filled out by 11:00AM or you will be marked late and/or receive a Round 1 loss.

-Your completed deck list must include your name, date of birth, and Pokémon player ID number.

-Deck checks are required for all junior players, and for any player for whom this is a first constructed format tournament. Please make sure you arrive early enough for your deck check to be completed by 11:00AM if you fall into one of these groups or you will be marked late and/or receive a round 1 loss.

-The tournament will start promptly after registration ends.
-This is a Standard format tournament. This includes Sun & Moon—Ultra Prism and any expansions released afterward, Black Star Promo cards numbered SM94 and up, Dragon Majesty, & Pokémon TCG: Detective Pikachu.

-Deck lists can be found on the Pokemon.com resource page using this link: http://pokegym.net/decklist/pokemon.htm

-Tournament will be Swiss Rounds, best of 1, followed by Top Cut, best of 3. Number of rounds will be based on attendance.

-Prizes will be awarded to top finishers in each age division based on attendance. Other prizes will also be given and based on total attendance.

-Please come prepared with everything you will need to play. Please come on time. Please email me with any questions. Hope to see you there.



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